Maryland Geocachers Toolkit

The Challenges section of this website allows cachers to track, display, and report their progress on various challenge caches in Maryland. Each of the caches will have a graphic, either a map or a bar chart, representing the cacher's progress. A link to this graphic can be used to display it on the cacher's profile page or anywhere else the cacher desires. A list of the caches that satisfy the challenge may be generated and can be provded to the cache owner to show that the challenge requirements have been met. In addition, for the ADC map challenges, a list of caches located on each map page that the cacher still needs may be displayed, allowing cachers to complete these challenges without requiring the map book.

The graphic for each challenge will be color-coded; however, at this time you cannot select the colors to be used.

To display your progress, you will need to register on the site, log in, and upload your latest "My Finds" GPX file from to generate progress information for the challenge caches. At this time, finds files from other sources such as GSAK cannot be used since they add tags to the GPX file that prevent processing.