Maryland Geocachers Toolkit

GC38GBN - ABC 123 - An Alphanumeric Challenge

The goal of this cache is to log a cache whose name begins with each of the 36 alphanumeric characters and to log a cache that was hidden by another cacher whose offical name begins with each of the 36 alphanumeric characters.

The challenge requires that the actual caching name be used for the Placed By portion. Unfortunately, the only real caching name that can be obtained reliably is the current owner, so that is what was used for this challenge.

The challenge also requires that cachers cannot claim caches they have owned at any time. Again, due to the structure of the database, this requirement cannot be verified. At this point, even the current owner is not being checked; however, this is planned for the future.

Once both requirements have been met, this website can be used to create two lists with the qualifying letter or number, the cache name or hider's name, the GC number, and the date found for all caches. These lists can then be used to qualify to find and log this challenge cache.

See the Geocache Details page on for more details.

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